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Admissions Process for F1 Nursery

Admissions Process to Foundation 1


Successful applicants will receive a letter directly from the school by the end of April, offering their child a place at Imperial Avenue Infant School.  Address details will be taken from the original registration form so it is very important to inform the office of any changes in address/contact details etc.


The letter contains the following important information:


  • The offer of a place, a start date and a start time
  • An invite to a ‘Welcome Meeting’ where our Head teacher will talk about the Foundation school day.  The meeting is very informative and will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and for you to provide us with any key information about your child.  The meeting lasts for approximately 30 minutes and takes place around early July
  • Home Visits – as part of our admissions process your child’s new teacher and nursery nurse conduct a home visit prior to them starting school.  This gives them an opportunity to meet you and your child informally, to talk about our Foundation routines and answer any queries you may have about your child starting school.  Visits take place towards the end of June and last for about 15 minutes.  As part of the home visit you will receive a free ‘Welcome to School’ pack.  This pack contains a lot of important information you need to know about our school
  • Official School Admission Registration Form, Personal Care Form, Early Years Pupil Premium, Permission for photographs and out of school activities.  Completion of these forms is part of your acceptance.  Acceptance will not be accepted without the forms.  All of these forms require completing in full and returning to the school office by the deadline below
  • A deadline date for confirmation of acceptance/refusal of the part time place.  This is five school days from the date of the letter.  Please note that you must confirm your acceptance by this date otherwise your child will be removed from our waiting list and the place offered to another child


At Imperial Avenue Infant School we wish to ensure your child has a positive start.  To help achieve this we operate a staggered start to enable the very young children to settle into a new routine.  With this in mind we only admit a few children each week over a two week period.  We aim to have all children settled and in school for the full sessions by the end of their second week at school.