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Group 1 - Autumn Term

In our first week of Forest School we have been learning the rules, exploring the forest area and playing some games. We said hello to our magical Forest School tree who we will greet every time we go to Forest School. We played 1,2,3 where are you? Which is a bit like hide and seek. We are getting better at looking for hiding spaces! We had a go at climbing the climbing tree and we went for a Bear Hunt! We had lots of fun.

Week 2 - Exploring

It was very wet this week at forest school! We wore our all-in-ones so our clothes kept nice and dry underneath. We spent some time under the fire circle canopy. We had a go at 1,2,3 where are you in the rain. We had a go at using peelers to make arrows for our bow and arrows. It was hard work looking for the right sort of stick!

This week at forest school we created our own journey sticks. These are made by attaching interesting things to a stick using elastic bands. It helps us to notice new and exciting things in our forest! We also heard about the magical people who live in our forest and the mud faces they make to scare away bad things. We had a go at using mud and things in our environment to make mud faces. It was hard work trying to get the right consistency. We used the water from our water butt to make the mud stick together. 

This week at forest school we were looking for all of the minibeasts that live in our forest. We looked under logs, on trees and in our minibeast hotel. We found lots of exciting things. We then worked together to make a den. It has been very windy recently so we have had lots of big sticks from the trees to use. There was some fantastic teamwork going on between some children! We can't wait to make more next week!