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We are committed to ensuring that all pupils have access to a high quality educational experience which allows them to fulfil their potential. Attendance to school is a legal requirement and important to a pupil’s success.  Pupils are required to attend school for 190 days each year.  Regular and punctual attendance of pupils at school is both a legal requirement and crucial to a pupil’s success – there is a clear link between a high rate of attendance and high achievement. If pupils are not in lessons they CANNOT LEARN, EVERY LESSON REALLY DOES COUNT.  


There may be a very good reason for absence from school for example genuine illness and other medical issues.  However, there are many other reasons that cause pupils to have time off from school. If there are any reasons which are causing your child to not attend school please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


The target for good attendance at Imperial Avenue is 96%+ with no unauthorised absences.


Attendance     during one school year

Equals     days absent

Which is     approximately weeks absent

Which     means this number of lessons missed


9 Days

2 Weeks

45 Lessons


19 Days

4 Weeks

95 Lessons


29 Days

6 Weeks

145 Lessons


38 Days

8 Weeks

190 Lessons


48 Days

10 Weeks

240 Lessons


57 Days

11.5 Weeks

285 Lessons


67 Days

13.5 Weeks

335 Lessons


Persistent Absent pupils (PA) – The Government and local Education Authority view school attendance regularly and whether authorised or unauthorised if a pupil’s attendance drops below 90% they become classified as a Persistent Absent (PA) pupil.  This could result in the Educational Welfare Service (EWS) being involved and taking action.  The EWS may instruct the school that further absences cannot be authorised with any absences relating to sickness not being authorised without medical evidence, e.g appointment card, prescribed medication. In such circumstances, a note or call from parents stating absence due to illness will no longer suffice and further absences will be recorded as unauthorised.


We do understand that in some cases there are underlying medical and health issues that can affect attendance and in these cases we would urge you to contact the school to discuss the impact of these issues on your child’s education. Together we will be able to improve your child’s school life and attendance.


Holidays/Leave of absence – The reference in law to Head teachers being able (at their discretion) to agree to leave of absence (for holidays) was removed from 1st September 2013. Only in exceptional circumstances are schools allowed to authorise leave of absence. In exceptional circumstances, a ‘Request for Absence’ form should be completed in advance and returned to the school office.  If the application is not considered as one of exceptional circumstances the request will be refused.  


For unauthorised absence from August 2024, Penalty Notices will increase to £160 per parent per child (discounted to £80 if paid within 21 days).  If there is occasion to issue a second Penalty Notice for unauthorised leave of absence within a rolling 3-year period, it will be issued at the higher rate of £160 per parent per child, with no opportunity to pay the lower level.  A Penalty Notice cannot be issued if there is a third occasion of unauthorised leave of absence in the rolling 3-year period and it is highly likely that the local authority will take direct prosecution action in the Magistrates’ Court which can result in you receiving a criminal conviction.  Please also be aware that any cases of extended periods of unauthorised absence, linked to holidays or trips away, are highly likely to result in prosecution action by the local authority.


If your child has unauthorised leave of absence prior to the end of the summer term in 2024, you will either be issued with a Penalty Notice of £120 per parent per child (discounted to £60 if paid within 21 days), or, your case will be referred by the Local Authority directly to the Magistrates’ Court.


Parents wishing to take their child on holiday or out of school for any period of time should do so during the school holidays.


If your child is ill – If your child is absent from school, please notify the school office by no later than 9.30 am on 0116 282 4503 by leaving a message on the absence line.  You can also report an absence using the school's Weduc app.  You should do this on the first day of absence and every day thereafter until your child returns to school.  Please note: High levels of absence due to illness will not be authorised unless medical evidence from a doctor is provided. For guidance on childhood illnesses and period of time they may have to be off school please see the poster below from the Public Health Agency this is what we use a guidance in school.


Medical Appointments (e.g. Doctor, Dentist & Optician) – Please try and avoid making any appointments for dentist, optician and doctors during the school day. If a school time appointment is unavoidable please make sure your child attends school before/after the appointment.  Please note: Medical evidence should be provided and will be required for all appointments.


The school is committed to ensuring all our pupils achieve their full potential. Our school works hard to monitor the attendance of each individual pupil and provide support and guidance where necessary. Equally as parent/carer it is your responsibility to ensure that your son/daughters attendance remains above 96%. If your child’s attendance falls below this a referral will be made to our Education Welfare Officer which could result in a Fixed Penalty Notice that fines parents when their children fail to attend school or result in further legal proceedings.


We hope you have found this information useful and can support the school in making sure your child’s attendance stays above 96%+. If you have any concerns about attendance and punctuality please do not hesitate to contact the school office.