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The Facts about Head Lice

Having head lice, also called nits, doesn’t mean you’re dirty. Children are most commonly affected, particularly in school children aged 4-11 years, but anyone with hair can catch them.


It’s difficult to know exactly how common head lice are because the problem is often treated at home, with people only visiting their GP if treatment is unsuccessful.  However, it’s thought that up to one in three children in the UK may get head lice at some point during the year.


But while they’re frustrating to deal with, head lice aren’t dangerous. They don’t spread disease, although their bites can make a child’s scalp itchy and irritated, and scratching can lead to infection.  It’s best to treat head lice quickly once they’re found because they can spread easily from person to person.


The website has been designed to help parents beat school ‘bug’ bullies.  There is a wide range of reading material and a download areas for free advice material.  To find out more please click on the above link.