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Key Stage 1 Curriculum

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Provision


The Curriculum for Imperial Infant School is constantly being reviewed and improved to provide a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the National Curriculum 2014.  We have evaluated our curriculum and put into place new parts this year that support the children to grow in this ever-changing world.


We have also taken into account that many children have missed many parts of school since March 2020 so have included areas from previous year groups so as to close gaps and then once children are secure then teach current year group expectations. As a school we have put into place intervention so as to support the children in closing gaps and ensuring they are working in line with their peers. 


Our curriculum maps provide us with the overarching, long term plans necessary to provide children with high-quality provision. These set out some themes for the terms and the subjects that we will be studying to ensure the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum of both knowledge and skill, ensure that it builds on prior learning and is sequenced appropriately. We believe that children should learn skills which they will require for a successful future.  With this in mind, we have created opportunities in each subject to work on such skills.   The curriculum is planned to recognise and meet the individual learning needs of each pupil and is differentiated to ensure that learning opportunities are both challenging and appropriate. 


The Key Stage 1 cycle consolidates and builds on the knowledge, understanding and the skills that they have learnt in previous years.


As a school, we build in opportunities that we feel will enrich the children’s learning. We take into account the interests of our children. This allows our curriculum to be fresh, contemporary and in line with an ever-changing world.


What is your child learning this term? Is there anything you can do which might support and complement their learning? It could mean that you look out for a particular book when visiting the library or going to a museum to help your child to understand a history topic. Please see links below for the parent leaflet for each half term. 


Please see the links below to see the long term planning for maths, literacy and the foundation subjects.