Imperial Avenue Infant School

Imperial Avenue Infant School

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Our principles:


Practical investigations

Children making predictions

Children can link what they are doing in the classroom to the real world

Engaging first hand experiences

Children exploring their own questions


Our vision:


Science at Imperial aims to help children make sense of the world through interesting and engaging first hand experiences that have been planned in a way that allows them to truly enjoy science. Our children are to be regularly immersed in scientific learning enabling them to be truly aware of what science is all about. The enquiry focused curriculum is based around ‘Big questions’ that children are then given the opportunity to work towards answering. This style of teaching helps to ensure that children’s first hand experiences of science are so memorable that they are easily able to embed their learning. Throughout their lessons children are encouraged to behave scientifically; asking their own questions, predicting and observing, which allows them to build and use the correct vocabulary. All learners are encouraged and expected to take part in practical investigations and discussions which help to build on their transferable skills. We have high aspirations for our children and hope that by linking their science learning to the real world they see the real possibility of themselves contributing to STEM in the future.