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Flu Immunisation Programme 2020

Flu immunisation will be taking place at Imperial Avenue Infant School for all children in years Foundation 2, Year 1 and Year 2 on Monday 9th November 2020.


To be given the vaccination in school you need to complete an ONLINE consent form by visiting


You will need a code for your child’s school.  For Imperial Avenue Infant School the code is LE120014 If you want to opt for the flu injection, please complete the consent form as normal. On the consent page, select ‘No’ to the nasal flu and you will be given the option of the flu injection. Top tip: Ensure that the email addresses match and that there are no spaces or punctuation before or after the email address and the school code. You will need to fully complete the consent form as soon as possible after receiving this letter. If you are unable to complete this online, please ring us to complete this over the phone on 0300 300 0007 (select option 1 then option 4).


The attached letter has been sent to all of these parents via school email.  Each vaccination letter contains information about the vaccination and links to relevant NHS websites where parents/carers can find more information. The letter will also have a web link to the site for online consent, as well as a unique code for our school.   Parents and carers will need this code to access and complete the consent form.   The letters also direct parents/carers who are unable to access or complete the online consent form to ring the Community Immunisations Service so that they can give consent over the phone.


A video that provides information on how to complete the online consent form for the flu vaccination programme has been produced..


To watch this video please click this link:



Information about the Vaccine

Many of the groups who are vulnerable to flu are also more vulnerable to Covid-19.  Not only do we want to protect those most at risk of flu, but also protect the health of those who are vulnerable to hospitalisation and death from Covid-19 by ensuring they do not get flu.  Results from this vaccination programme show a positive impact on lowering cases of flu and flu related activity in the community. This includes GP visits and hospital
admissions due to flu for the whole population.

The vaccine offered to children has always been quadrivalent i.e. offering protection against four strains that could be circulating at any one time. Here is some information:


  • Fluenz Tetra will be the vaccine used for children in this programme. 
  • The vaccine is a needle-free vaccination; it is given nasally by being sprayed into each nostril.
  • The nasal spray has been found to be more effective than traditional injectable vaccines for this age group. The vaccine has been widely used in children and adolescents in the UK and elsewhere and the vaccine is proven to be safe.
  • The nasal flu vaccine contains small amounts of porcine gelatine. Gelatine is used to stabilise live viral vaccines. Information regarding this is included in the letter.
  • Children unable to have the nasal flu vaccine due to a medical reason will be offered an injectable flu vaccine as a suitable alternative. We will carefully screen the completed consent form to help us make this decision, and will vaccinate only when the appropriate consent from parents/carers has been provided.
  • This season, an injectable vaccine may be offered to those children whose parents refuse the nasal vaccine due to the use of porcine gelatine in its manufacture.

For further information visit:

Health for Kids Website

The healthforkids website was developed with the help of local primary schools, and is the first NHS website that has been created especially for children to learn about staying healthy and looking after their health. We hope you find it a valuable learning resource to introduce your child to healthy living and lifestyles, and to the role of school and school nurses in supporting this.


The website features a diverse range of health topics from bullying to brushing teeth, allergies to bereavement.The games, videos, and interactive content has been written and overseen by experts from across Leicestershire Partnership Trust services including school nursing, health improvement, smoking cessation, dietetics, paediatricians and mental health.


Please use the link below to access the website:

Emotional resilience - Eblast information from the NHS

A couple of websites with advice on healthy eating and exercise: