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Discovery Class

Welcome to Discovery Class!



Visual Aids 
In the Discovery Class, we use a range of visual aids to support with our learning, understanding and communication. Some of the things we use daily are:


  • A class visual timetable to help us to understand the structure of the day
  • An individual timetable for the children who are able to navigate the day more independently.
  • Now and Next boards to support some children who require the day broken into smaller steps.
  • The Picture Exchange Communication System is used in the Discovery Class. All children have their own PECS Book. All of the books are different and tailored to each individual child’s likes and dislikes. 
  • We also use choosing boards for many of our activities in class. 


Here is a photograph of some of the things we regularly use.

Our Curriculum 


In the Discovery Class, we have opportunities daily to practise and develop our personalised learning goals  and our academic targets. 

  • Individual or small group learning - These are used to develop key academic concepts and to support the development of children’s communication and interaction targets. 
  • Whole Class Activities - These are our interaction activities such as Sensology, Lycra Games and Parachute Games. Our class routines, such as Hello and Good Afternoon are also delivered as a whole class interaction activity. 
  • Exploration - Children are given lots of opportunities to play and interact with their peers, sometimes supported and sometimes observed from a distance. Our toys are rotated on a weekly basis to allow children to extend their play skills and encourage them to explore a wide range of resources over time. 
  • Choosing - These sessions are built into our timetable and allow children to have time with their high interest activities.
  • Independent Work - Some of our children are developing their independence skills and are beginning to complete some tasks more independently. This helps to support their smooth transitions into mainstream inclusion.