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Wednesday 6th May

Where's my Teddy? - Positional language follow on work!


I hope you enjoyed the story ready by Mrs Malin yesterday. Today we are going to do some work following on from the story "Where's my teddy?" 

Today's task is to think about positional language, which many of us in the Julia Donaldson Class find very tricky! 


Here is what to do! 

  • Choose a favourite toy or teddy and see if you can listen to an adults instructions and place it in the right place! There are some instruction cards attached which might help you get started. 
  • Can you hide your teddy or toy yourself and then describe its location to an adult? You might find the symbols attached helpful when doing this. 
  • You could even play "Hide and seek"  - Close your eyes and a grown up or sibling will hide your toy. They will then tell you the location. Can you listen carefully to the instruction and find it on your first attempt?


Sensory Learners Positional Language Game - You will need a balloon!

Blow up your balloon, but do not tie the end. Create a bit of anticipation whilst holding the balloon in the air. Say "ready, steady...." and pause and wait for your child to fill in the response with either a vocalisation, gesture or eye contact. Say GO and let the balloon go! 

When it lands, encourage your child to go and find it and reinforce the language "it was UNDER the table". 


Communication Opportunities 

  • Ready... Steady .... (Pause) and wait for your child to fill the response. 

  • When they have found the balloon, ask them if they want more and see if they give you a response. You could model the MAKATON sign for this and encourage your child to copy your signing. 

  • If you have symbols at home, have the balloon symbol ready and place in front of you and encourage your child to exchange this with you before you blow the balloon up again. 


*The sign for more is to make a fist with one hand and then place the flat palm of your other hand on top*


I hope you all have fun with this task!

Have a great day and remember to stay safe

Miss Robinson :) 

Don't forget our daily movement this week is Cosmic Yoga!