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Wednesday 3rd June



Today we will be writing the second part of our senses poem and will be thinking about our sense of hearing.  Look at the things you saw yesterday and pick your 4 favourite things.  Try to use ad adjective for each idea.  Look at my poem below and use your seeing ideas instead of mine.  You only need to change the parts that are underlined.  Your poem doesn’t have to rhyme, but you could ask your grown up to help you think of two things that sound the same.


I can see the grass grow,

The bright stars, the yellow moon,

I can see the white snow.

I can see YOU!



Can you write all the doubles from 1 to 10.  You could either write ‘double 1 is 2’ or ‘1+1=2’

Once you are confident at knowing your doubles you could try this game.  Select doubles, then doubles to 10