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Wednesday 29.4.2020



Look back at Monday's story, Giraffe's Can't Dance.

Which words and phrases has the author used to make the story interesting? 

e,g. "his knees were awfully bandy"



Add your favourite words to the correct place on your story map from yesterday.

Make sure you know what they all mean, if you don't ask someone in your house.


How do each of the words make you, the reader, feel?

Add a smiley or sad next to each word to help you to remember the impact of each word or phrase.



Here are some more fun maths activities to try!

PE challenge


How is your challenge going? See if you can be better today than the last two days... Remember perseverance and resilience are key skills at Imperial Avenue, your hard work will pay off! If you post how you are doing in the class story section of class dojo your friends will be able to see how you are doing and you can encourage each other (and maybe compete with them wink).