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Wednesday 22nd April

Counting & Number Names


The theme today is maths. For some of us, we are developing an idea of numbers and number names. Developing an awareness of number and number names is the starting point. 


  • Can you try to count the steps as you go upstairs?
  • Can you help in the kitchen and count out the right amount of spoons needed for dinner?
  • Can you count how many steps it takes to walk to the bottom of your garden? 
  • Can you count how many trees or houses you can see from your window? 



  • Can you draw a picture of the things you have seen and write the correct number next to it? 
  • Can you write a sentence about something you did? e.g. I walked up 13 steps to get to bed/ 


I have also included a simple game that you can play. Can you listen to the sounds the instruments make and say how many you heard?