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Wednesday 1.4.20


Can you rewrite one of your favourite traditional tales? It might be one of these stories below or it could be a different one.


Remember to describe the character and the setting using interesting words - for example hairy, glistening, ferocious.

Can you use conjunctions like and, but, because, so, when or if to help join your sentences? 

Adverbs can help your writing describe what is happening in more detail, will they creep quietly or run quickly


If you want to challenge yourself you could change part of the story, would you change a character or the events?

Have a go and it would be great if you can upload them to class dojo... We look forward to seeing them!  

Time for fun!

We may not be able to go out, but let the animals come to you! Ask your parents if you can borrow their phone, or use a tablet with a camera. Go to google and type in the name of one of these animals:


Underneath the images and wikipedia link you will see an image of the animal moving and "view in 3D" and click view in your space. You can then follow the instructions to make the animal appear in your house!