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Tuesday 5.5.20



Today's literacy challenge is to use the vocabulary you collected yesterday about your animal character to write some super sentences.

Remember to focus your sentences around what you notice about your animal 

...what your animal feels like to touch 


....what your animal smells like 


Here is an example ... 






Today's maths challenge is all about describing and comparing 2D shapes.

Use your work book to draw and write the answers in.


smiley Talk on Tuesdayssmiley


Here is a 'talk' challenge!

Carry out a survey about people's favourite fruit. 

Here is an example of how you can record the information


Ask the people in your home first. Then ask adult who is in charge of the telephone in your house, if you can call family and friends to ask what their favourite fruit is.

Top tips for talking


1. face the person you are talking to 

2. look at listeners face.

3. check the listener is ready.

4. talk in a clear voice.

5. Wait for the listener to respond.


If you are on the telephone you cannot see the person you are talking to so here are some telephone tips..

1. say 'hello' and wait for the listener to respond with their greeting.

2. tell the listener what you are calling for  - ' I am calling you to find out which fruit people like'

3. Wait for the listener to respond.

4. Now ask the listener which fruit is their favourite. 'What is your favourite fruit?

5. wait for the listener to respond.


Show us your results on Classdojo!


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