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Tuesday 23rd June


Using yesterday’s mind map of words, today we would like you to write a character description- 2-4 sentences long to describe the Gruffalo. Make sure you include adjectives (describing words).

Challenge- to use a conjunction to extend your writing (and, so, because, but)


Maths- sharing practically

Yesterday you looked at dividing by grouping and today you will be looking at dividing by sharing.

This short video explains this.


There are 12 sweets. Jerry and Caleb share them. How many sweets do they have each?

Give your child counters (or sweets, fruit etc) to share practically. Write down or draw what you have done. Try sharing the following numbers into two groups.

12                 10              15                    18              8                      7

Do they all share into two groups evenly or are there some left over?