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Tuesday 23rd June



Today is consolidating what we did yesterday beacuse it is important that we really understand how to add confidently. If you are finding it hard please message Miss Johnson on class dojo and I can offer more help. 


Watch the video on BBC bitesize and try the activities. There is also a link to the White Rose video which may help you to understand it further. 



Today we are going to put ourselves in the shoes of our main character - Tom Porter. Tom Porter is 8 years old and has woken up to find London, his home town, is on fire! Collect words to describe what he feels, sees, smells, and hears, what might things feel like and what action might be happening around him.



Here is video to help you imagine what sights and sounds you might experience in the Great Fire of London.



Today we have a fun video to watch, especially for anyone who likes Minecraft! Look out for facts we have been learning and watch as the player comes up against different problems that were experienced in the real event. 

As Minecraft is made of blocks, today's challenge is to see ig you can make something that represents the Fire of London using bricks.


If you have Lego, try building one of these: 

  • The monument to remember the fire
  • The year the fire took place - can you remember it? 
  • The chest that Samuel Pepys put his precious items in
  • A flame
  • The bakery where the fire started. 


If you don't have any Lego try drawing something instead.