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Tuesday 19.5.20



In Literacy this week much like the past few weeks we will be having a foundation subject focus. This week we are focusing on RE. Each day we will be reading a religious story and writing down what we think the meaning of the story is. Today we are looking at the story called 'Nails' which we have looked at before and is an Islamic story. Below I have attached a pdf to read from.


Talk on Tuesday

After reading the wonderful story of 'Nails' I would like you to use your presentation talk to tell others about the message in the story. This presentation could be:

- a recording either video or voice.

- a poster that you show and explain to someone in your house (this could be part of your recording)

- use the chatterpix app to bring a character to life sharing the message from the story. For example your character could be the boy in the story talking to other children that he has hurt, or talking to his father.

 Top tips for presentation talking. 

- plan what you are going to say by writing it down and discuss with someone else if possible.

- practise what you are going to say. Can you say the message with the right voice so that the listener will feel how you want them to feel? For example, Do you want the listener to feel thoughtful? Try speaking slowly with short pauses between sentences.


Post your videos to your portfolio on class Dojo  


This week we are focusing on fractions in Maths, today we are looking at finding a quarter of objects/shapes and amounts. If you are unable to print some of these resources you could draw around something to create a shape and see if you can split it equally into quarters. You could use: cup/glass, a bowl or a box etc. Remember our stem sentence- A quarter is one of four equal parts, remember the parts must be equal or it is not correct.