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Tuesday 12.5.20

Welcome to today's challenge!

Here are some of Banksy's most famous pictures with a short explanation of what they show and where they secretly and mysteriously appeared. Your challenge is to use your reading skills and find out where each one was found. Then using your knowledge of the world to tell us which continent the pictures are located in.

Write down your answers in your workbook showing the name of the picture and the continent the picture was found in.

If  you are not sure which continent the place is use google earth or google maps to help you. By zooming out on a map you should be able to see the shape of the continent. Always ask an adult to help you before you go on any search engine. There is a picture of a world map to help you too. 

Good luck, remember to share your work with your class teacher on your class dojo portfolio. 

Art Club with Olaf Falafel - Episode 1 ( Some of you might remember when Olaf came to visit our school!)

Hello! Thank you so much for watching my first ever Art Club, I really hope you enjoy it. I'll be putting a new one up every Monday at 11am so make sure you ...

Telling the time quarter past and quarter to

Talk On Tuesday


Today's talking task is a question.  Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?


Ask the question to someone in your home using your speaking and listening skills. Listen carefully to their reasons for their choice. Do you agree or disagree with their choice?

Use these sentence starters to help you.


'I agree with you because...'

I disagree with you because ...'

'Can you tell me more about why...'


Why not ask an adult if you can call someone you know on the phone to ask them your 'Talk on Tuesday' question.

Picture 1