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Tricky words to read

Tricky Words

Your child is at an important stage of learning to read. They can ‘robot talk' or ‘sound out’ and read many simple words. However not all words can be ‘sounded out’. Your child must learn tricky words by sight, not by sounding out.

To practice learning these words at home you could

  • Point to each word and say it
  • (Don’t attempt to sound it out as this will confuse your child.)
  • Cover up the word and say it again
  • Then point to the word and ask your child to say it
  • Repeat
  • Practice a few words at a time not all at once!
  • You could cut the words up and use them as flash cards to quickly show them one at a time

The aim is that your child will recognise each word by sight.

When your child is reading from a book remember to say ‘tricky word’ each time they come to a word that cannot be sounded out. This is what we do at school. The words are in the link below, start with the first sheet and then move on.