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Thursday 7th May



In Literacy we are still thinking about instructions.  You will need a grownup or brother/sister for this job.  Can you draw a simple picture on a piece of paper e.g. a house.  Don't let anyone else see it.  When you are finished you are going to give your grownup instructions so they can draw your picture.  Your might need to say things like....

  • First draw a big square in the middle of your paper.
  • Then draw a triangle on top so it covers the top of the square
  • Next draw a rectangle at the bottom


Did there picture look like yours?  We would love to see photos on class dojo


In Maths, can you find two objects.  Put one object in each hand.  Which is heavier and which is lighter?  How do you know?  Does your hand push down if it is heavy or light?