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Thursday 23rd April

Maths - Number bonds 


Today I would like you to look at number bonds.


Some of you already know your number bonds really well, but it is REALLY important that we keep practising these so that we remember them and can draw upon this knowledge quickly. Knowing our number bonds will help with lots of future maths work, so it is important that it is very secure. 


I have attached some resources which will help for numbers to 10, but remember we can also think about bonds to other whole numbers, like how many different ways can we make 8?

You could even challenge yourself to make number bonds to 12, 15 or even 20! 


Watch the video attached, as this will give you a great practical way in which you can practice number bonds at home. I have also attached a couple of games which you can use on a smartphone, tablet or computer and a couple of worksheets if you wish to use them.

enlightenedRemember, you can also use your school book to record in...

Can you write number sentences to match your number bonds? 


Have fun and don't forget to send me some pictures!

Miss Robinson smiley

Here is a video explaining how you can practice number bonds at home using socks!

Number bond games

Number bond worksheets

Don't forget this weeks daily movement!