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Thursday 23.04.2020



Today I want you to make your favourite sandwich (with adult support if needed). Once you have made and enjoyed it, in your work book or on any scrap paper write instructions on how to make it. 

Think about how you present instructions. Try to include imperative verbs, time conjunctions, adverbs and conjunctions if you can. 



From the items in the pdf below, choose something to buy. How many ways could you pay for it? Can you find the most efficient way using the least amount of coins?

How much would it be if you bought two items? 



Can you name the seven continents of the world?

Earlier this year in school, we learnt a song, that was to the tune of head, shoulders, knees and toes, to help us remember the four countries in the United Kingdom. See if you can remember the song, can you also remember the capital cities of these countries? Teach the song to someone at home!

Earlier this week on BBC bitesize you watched a video about the United Kingdom. In your work book or on any scrap paper that you have write down one place that you can visit in each country. 


Don't forget to upload any work or pictures onto class dojo for your teacher to see!