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The Sydney Opera House Class

In History we have been learning about transport and how it has changed since the past. We have been looking at the difference between steam trains and modern trains. We had an experience afternoon where we all got dressed up and pretended that we were going on the train. Some of us pretended to be the upper class passengers and some of us were the working class workers. We took our roles on brilliantly and acted out all of the different jobs! 

In D&T we have been planning, designing and making our own pop-up puppets! We loved researching puppets and creating our very own. Can you tell what animals we made?

In literacy we have been learning the story 'Where the wild things are'. To help us write our postcards we went out into the woods and went hunting for wild things! 

As a treat for brilliant writing, we went outside enjoyed the sunshine and played with the bubbles! 

The children loved wearing their PJs to school. We were pretending to be Mr Bear and had a look for places to sleep around school. We thought about what we could hear/see and how we felt.
We think that school is quite uncomfortable for sleeping!


Red Nose Day 2021!! 

We enjoyed getting involved with 'Crazy hair day!' and raising some money for school. Take a look at our creative hair styles! 

In Computing we have been learning about algorithms. We have been enjoying giving the beebots instructions to follow. We know that sometimes it doesn't always go to plan so we might have to debug our instructions! 

In Science we have been learning all about different materials. We have been set a challenge to create a waterproof poncho for teddy! Here we are testing the different materials to find out which are waterproof and non-absorbent. 

In D&T we have been baking our own jammy dodgers! We have measured out the ingredients and used different tools to help us. We also made our own biscuit carriers and attached a lid and a handle to take them home with us. They were very yummy!  

As the season's changing, we went out to explore our school grounds to see what signs of autumn we could find. We enjoyed looking at the different coloured leaves on the trees. Please check out our amazing autumn poem on class dojo!


In the Sydney Opera House Class we know how important it is to read everyday. Here we are having some quiet time enjoying reading our books.

In science we have been learning about our 5 senses. We went outside to explore what we could see, smell, hear and feel. We couldn’t find anything out there to taste though!

In Art we have been improving our painting techniques. We have learnt to mix colours, to add white paint to change the tones and practiced painting facial features. We are going to be painting a portrait of Miss Smith soon! We hope she’ll be impressed by them!

As part of our History topic, we have been learning about what Braunstone was like in the past. We went on a local walk to see what we could find that was from the 1800s. We enjoyed looking at the old farm house and talking about why it is different to our houses. We also tried some food from the 1800s. Did you know they used to eat Yorkshire Puddings with jam? We loved them!