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Return to school for some F2 and Year 1 on the 15th June - for those that have signed up

It has been a while since Year one have been in school and in a school routine.  We will be welcoming back some Year One and some F2 children on Monday 15th June.  Below is a link to a countdown timetable which may help remind your child about where they will be - either home or school


You could print them off and tick off the days until we start school again or just have a look at them online.

The timetable starts for the week beginning 8th June and finishes at the end of the Summer term. The days show whether children will be at home or school on each day.


For those of you not returning, we will still be adding work to our Year 1 home learning page.  Keep sending us your photo's on class dojo so we can see what you have been up to



Return letter for the 15th June

We are looking forward to welcoming some Year One children back on Monday 15th June.  We have been busy rearranging our classrooms.  Each classroom will have 9 or 10 children in.  Each child will have their very own table and their own tray of resources.  We will be having a morning playtime in our own area of school and we are very lucky to have an extra playtime in the afternoon!  We will also be making use of the outside areas near our classroom and will be putting some activities (such as lego and hula hoops) outside for the children to access.

Thomas Edison Classroom

Thomas Edison Classroom 1
Thomas Edison Classroom 2
Thomas Edison Classroom 3

Ed Sheeran class

Ed Sheeran class 1
Ed Sheeran class 2
Ed Sheeran class 3

The Gok Wan class in the Jane Goodall Classroom

The Gok Wan class in the Jane Goodall Classroom  1
The Gok Wan class in the Jane Goodall Classroom  2
The Gok Wan class in the Jane Goodall Classroom  3

Parent and child leaflet Gok Wan Class