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Return to School for F1 and F2 on June the 1st who have signed up

As the children will be out of their normal daily school routine if we open on June 1st here are some timetables to help. You could print them off and tick off the days until we start school again or just have a look at them online.

There are 3 timetables for the weeks beginning 25th May, 1st June and 8th June. The days show whether children will be at home or school on each day.

We hope that it is helpful,

The Foundation Staff 


Hi everyone, 


We just wanted to show you some photos of how the classrooms will look should we return to school on June the 1st.


Keep safe!
Foundation Staff

Letter for re opening Monday 1 st of June - needs to read carefully by all returning parents.

Classroom set up. This is what the classroom set up is like when we come back. This is the JK Rowling class but all F2 classes are going to be set up the same way. Please share this with your child.

Still image for this video

Lego full time 30 hour children

F1 full time leaflet for parents and children

Lego - Part time - All mornings 9-12

F1 part time leaflet for parents and children

The JK Rowling class

JK Rowling class leaflet for parents and children

J Vardy Class

J Vardy class leaflet for parents and children

Walt Disney class

C Vorderman class which will be used for an F2 Class

Carol Vorderman group parent and child leaflet