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Reminder letter about illness and covid testing

                                                                                                                                    November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


It is vital that we receive the correct information regarding your child's absence from school. 


Please could you ensure that you give a full reason for the child’s ill health not just informing the office or teachers that they are unwell or that they have a cold or flu. This is important so that we can keep the school safe. If you contact your class teacher through Dojo, you must also leave a voice message on the answer machine absence line too, so office staff are aware, as they deal with texts/calls about children not arriving for school.


The school needs to know if your child has had one or more of the following Covid symptoms


  1. A temperature
  2. A new or continuous cough
  3. A loss of taste and smell


If your child is displaying any of the above symptoms, one or more, then they will not be able to attend the school until they have had a Covid test and you must let the school know the results of the test at the earliest opportunity.


We appreciate this is not the greatest of situations and people are having difficulty getting a test but we have found that if we keep trying on the website to book and refresh it does eventually get through to a local site.  There are local sites and links to booking on our website.


If they are negative results and your child is not displaying any symptoms then they can return to school.  If they still have symptoms then they need to stay off school until symptoms are gone.  If you receive a positive result then then the school will contact you.


Due to the continued Leicester Lockdown, you are only allowed to collect the children that are within your family unless your children are with a child minder. This means that friends cannot collect children from other households.


Due to the spike in numbers of people testing positive for Covid 19 all over the country, we are being very careful about social distancing.  Please abide by this at the gates.  Please do not wait at the gates for other families as this causes more people to be hanging around than needs to be. Please be on time for drop off and collection, preferably not too early, as this means more people in each area, which then becomes hard to socially distance.


We appreciate you working with us, as this may become the new norm for a lot longer if cases continue to rise.  As a school, all we want to do is keep your child, you and the staff safe.


Many thanks

Miss Smith

Head teacher