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Coronavirus Update Letter - March 2020

                                                                                                                                    2nd March 2020

Dear Parent or Carer,


I’m sure that you’re aware from the media that all public bodies, organisations and businesses are being given regular advice from Public Health England about the Covid-19 virus (coronavirus). The chance of being in contact with the virus in the UK is currently moderate and the current specific advice for places of education is simply to ensure good hygiene practices. Government concern is currently more about a lot of people being ill at the same time, which would make the country harder to keep going, rather than the severity of the virus. Information at the moment shows that it is not as dangerous to life as flu.


Imperial Avenue Infant School is a member of the Leicester Primary Partnership (LPP), an organisation through which all state Primary schools in Leicester work together, as well as through the Local Authority (and the …Trust) The core information in this letter has been agreed by the schools in LPP to explain how we are all following the same guidelines as a precaution. All schools are following the guidance from the Government for educational settings.


We are reinforcing messages about good hygiene in school, including hand washing when children arrive at school, before they go home, before cooking and eating, after breaks and PE and after using the toilet. We make sure children use tissues for coughs and sneezes.  We ask you to ensure that your child washes their hands before leaving home in the morning.


At Imperial Avenue Infant School we are not aware of any our of families who have recently returned from travelling from Iran, specific lockdown areas in northern Italy, special care zones in South Korea or Hubei province China. If you have returned or been in contact with someone from such areas please contact school by phone.  If this were to happen in any LPP school, we would ensure that the family was “self-isolating” and having no contact with the school for 14 days.


Public Health England has clear procedures that it would ask a school to undertake, if a case related to the school were to be found. This is to close for a day and undertake a “deep clean”, a special set of cleaning tasks. They don’t recommend face masks for the general public, pupils or students, or staff, as there is no evidence of benefit from their use outside healthcare environments.


If you have plans to travel abroad over the next few weeks and the Easter holiday please share these with us so we can keep up to date over that period.  


You can find up to date information about at the school entrance and at Leicester City’s Families website