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Monday 8th June



This week is grammar week. Time to refresh ourselves on how to use our basic skills of including the correct punctuation marks and conjunctions.

Although these activities look like worksheets there is no need to print them out. Let's save paper and write the completed sentences out in our work books. If you have been a 'busy bee' and finished your school book then contact the office to arrange collection of a new one. 

punctuation marks


In maths this week will be recapping what we learnt in school about division.


Can you remember the 2 different ways to divide? 


We can share or group. Today we are going to look at sharing. Remember we always want to make things fair! 


Click the link below, watch the videos and have a go at the bbc bitesize tasks. As well as sharing, and because we know that multiplication and division are linked, activity 1 has some multiplication questions as well, how much can you remember from last week's maths tasks?  

Activity 2, the concept tables, looks complicated but helps to show division in different ways (click division at the bottom when you open it). If you aren't sure what to do click on the ? for each visual and it gives some ideas so that grown ups can help you. If it is too confusing, don't worry about it, move on to activity 3, Karate Cats.


This week our foundation subject learning we will be focused on music and recapping our musical vocabulary and knowledge. We know our pupils always really enjoy our music lessons so I am sure they will enjoy this learning! Each day you will have a different song to listen (and dance) to and then review, if you do not have a printer you can just answer these questions directly on to paper. 

Day 1