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Monday 22nd June



This we week we are going to learn how to write a diary entry. First we are going to look at a diary entry from last week's reading task. I have made a set of shapes to represent the different parts of the diary entry.

Read the diary entry and find the parts that match the shapes. I have given you an answer sheet to check. You do not need to print the chart, you can draw the shapes yourself then write the phrases and sentences next to each shape.

Send pictures of your work to your class dojo portfolio.



Today and tomorrow we are looking at adding 2 digit numbers. Watch the videos below to remind you what we did in class. You could use anything you might have at home to help you to answer the problems, for example pencils for 10s and cereal pieces for ones, or remember you can draw the dienes blocks that we use at school. There are 2 sheets that you can use to practice. The first gives addition for you to solve, write the numbers of each part as well as the whole. Then use the other sheet to write your own calculation, pick two of the squares, work out which number they represent and find their total, like this:

If you want more of a challenge try the puzzle below, you have to place the pieces together by matching the sides with calculations and their answers to make a triangle. (The answers are on page 3 if you want to check!)



We are continuing with our Great Fire of London work this week. Watch the videos below the first has used computers to show how London would have looked before the fire. It was made by students at Demontfort University, right here in Leicester.


The second video shows London during lockdown, it gives us a unique chance to see the buildings, but without all of the vehicles and people it isn't a true representation of our modern day capital city! 

Use the headings Before the fire / Modern London to make a list of things you see in each video. How are they different?