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Monday 15th June


This week in maths we will be looking at multiplication.

You will need to understand what equal means and how to put things into equal groups.

Follow the activities each day and be sure to show your teacher how busy you have been!

Here is a video to help you understand the activities this week!



Can you collect 6 cubes/pencils/grapes, and make groups of equal amounts.  Remember for the groups to be equal they need to be ‘the same’.  Try with 5 items. Can you group them equally? Now try with 10 items. How many groups can you make with 10 items?

Just enjoy experimenting making equal groups for today’s activity.


Literacy- labelling a plant

Take a look at the short video.

Today we would like you to explore any plants you may have in your house or any outside. What can you see on the plant? Leaves, stem, roots. Discuss these with your grown up.

Activity- Go outside and look for weeds.  These are plants that are growing in the wrong place.  Pull some out and look at them. Can you see the roots? Why are these important?

Draw a picture of the weed or plant and label it. Please share with your teacher on Dojo!