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Friday 5th June



Today we will be writing the next part of our senses poem and will be thinking about our sense of touch.  Look at the things you touched yesterday and pick your 4 favourite things.  Try to use an adjective to describe them. Look at my poem below and use your touching ideas instead of mine.  You only need to change the parts that are underlined.  Your poem doesn’t have to rhyme, but you could ask your grown up to help you think of two things that sound the same.


I can touch the soft grass,

The cold ice, the wet rain,

I can hear the smooth grass.

I can touch YOU!


If you have extra time you could do the final verse all about taste using the same layout.


Can you write your poem in your neatest writing all on one page?  You could draw pictures to match your writing.


Today we would like you to use some of the number facts you learnt this week and put them into a part whole model.  For example, if you were looking at number bonds for ten – the whole would be the biggest number (10) and the parts would be 2 numbers that make 10. 

If you were looking at double 5 – the whole would be the biggest number (10) and the parts would both be 5.  The number sentence would be 5+5=10


Can you draw your own part whole models using any of the number facts you have learnt this week.  See below for an example