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Friday 5th June


Today we are going to find repetition.

When words, phrases or lines are repeated in a poem, this is called repetition.

Repetition creates a  pattern , increases rhythm and can strengthen feelings, ideas and mood in the poem.


 Can you find repetition in the selection of poems?



Today we are thinking about the 10x table. Look at the BBC Bitesize website with a video and activities. Then try the hit the button challenge.


Today we are looking at another popular story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Once again we have attached a text to read from and a video of the story.


Session focus- Good vs bad/right and wrong- Can context change our opinions?


Plan- Goldilocks and the three bears

  • Children read/watch the story
  • Discuss how Goldilocks took the three bears porridge is this right or wrong?
  • Then link to what we have learnt about survival and what we need to survive- Ask the children what if Goldilocks had not eaten any food for a week? Does this change the fact she was stealing? Does it make it ok?



Another family session from the Cheltenham Science Festival