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Friday 15th May

We're going to the Zoo!


Today we are going to take a virtual trip to Edinburgh  zoo! Click on the link posted below and have a look through the LIVE webcams! You will find live streams for lots of different animals.


Have a look at some of your favourite animals. You could try to talk to a member of your family about: 


  • What the animals are doing
  • What are the animals called?
  • Can you describe what they look like? What colour are they? 
  • What environment do they live in? 
  • What do they have to eat? 
  • Do they make a noise? Can you make the same noise?
  • Which animal is your favourite? Why? 


Extra challenges: 

  • Can you draw a picture of your favourite animal and write a sentence about it? You might describe what it looks like or you might like to explain why it is your favourite animal. 
  • Can you use the internet to find out 3 interesting facts about your favourite animal and list them either under your picture or on a new page? 


Don't forget to share your picture and interesting facts on Class Dojo with your friends!


Don't forget our movement session